Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-07-25-pmDENNIS DUNSTAN

Music Industry veteran for over 35 years, specialising in Personal Management, Entertainment / Music Industry Consultant, Event Production.

Director Frontrow Entertaiment

2005 – Present (11 years)

Artist Management, Event Production, Music Industry Consultant

Artist Management

January 1979 – Present (37 years 3 months) Personal Management, Consultant, Event Producer

Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Men at Work, McAlister Kemp, Rebecca O’Connor, Air Supply.

Dennis Dunstan started his music career as a drummer, but is best known for artist management , working with Fleetwood Mac, Air Supply and Men at Work

Dennis has worked as a session drummer in the UK and Australia and on Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours tour, when offered work for Fleetwood Mac in the US.

Dennis hopped on a plane to LA, and a job that was supposed to last three months turned into nearly three decades. He stayed on with Fleetwood Mac for the making of the Tusk album, and became Mick Fleetwood’s personal manager, later working with Men at Work, Air Supply and Billy Thorpe among others.

Dennis now resides on the Sunshine Coast, managing artists and events.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-09-33-pmPHIL EMMANUEL

“Phil’s musical prowess is so astonishing that there are times when the man becomes the guitar and the guitar becomes the man. His passion is illuminating; his ability is breathtaking “While his brother Tommy plays it sweet; Phil plays it from the street” Glenn A. Baker

Phil Emmanuel is known as Australia’s Greatest Electric Guitar Player and has a resume of amazing performances with musical legends that any musical enthusiast would envy.

Whilst most kids were playing childhood games in their backyards, Phil was touring with his family band; at the age of nine he was already working as a professional musician in that band, variously named “The Emmanuel Quartet” also as The Midget Surfaries and The Trailblazers. Phil played lead and Tommy played rhythm guitar, along with their brother Chris on drums and their sister Virginia on slide guitar. The Emmanuel siblings earned the family’s sole income for several years. They travelled Australia for six years (1960 – 1966) playing their favourite tunes, this set the stage for the following years of Phil’s professional career.

Phil’s musical roots stem back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s his style and preference has largely been defined by the classic guitar sounds of this era, the “instrumental tunes that defined the sound of the electric guitar when it was a new instrument” Phil’s influences include guitar great Hank B Marvin and The Shadows, the Ventures and the Beatles. Phil then turned his attention to the music of Al Di Meola, Carlos Santana, Steve Morse and Gary Moore and the much admired Jeff Beck. But It is Hank that Phil attributes the path he chose to take on his musical journey. Phil has said if it wasn’t for “Hank B. Marvin and The Shadows” I wouldn’t be the electric guitar player I am today. “When I first heard Hank play in 1959 I was fascinated and hooked by his sound and use of echo. To this day he is still my favourite guitarist”

Phil has always been renowned for performing powerful, challenging material, ranging from classical ballads to spine-tingling, amazingly fast and furious pieces by Bach and Mozart. Phil’s playing has so much fire, and his chops on the electric are as good as you’ll get. This gifted self -taught musicians keen ear is always listening out for the next challenging music piece that he can adapt and put his personal spin on, “nothing is off limits” if it sounds melodic he will tackle it, if it has strings he will play it, such is his love and passion for music that “He lives and breathes riffs”

After almost 50 years of hard work, Phil Emmanuel deserves to receive Australian and worldwide recognition as one of our finest musical talents, and still after all these years Phil loves the job he was destined to do, and hopefully he will continue to enthrall audiences worldwide for a long time to come.

IMG_3693ADAM “BEANIE” BEAN – The Social Tradie

If you don’t understand how Social Media can boost your business, or you just want to do it better, let’s talk.

Keynote event speaker, social media coach & beach bum.

Since 2008 Beanie (The Social Tradie) has been demystifying online marketing for business owners that understand that they can either leverage it, or let it destroy their business.

In 2010 – 2011 Beanie was involved with the Gladstone Area Project Development Ltd via the Project Grow initiative where he did numerous presentations and a full day workshop teaching business owners how to get online and take full advantage of the Social Media options available to them.

In 2014 Beanie was the first Australian Blogger featured on Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic Blog where he wrote an in depth tutorial on video marketing.

Beanie has also spoken on the same stage as the likes of Barry Bull (Toombul Music) and Bob Ansett at the 2014 Sunshine Coast Business Revival.

In 2015 Beanie grabbed the opportunity to turn his knowledge into two community based projects being Paddle for a Purpose (A charity working to abolish child sex slavery) and the Nambour Turn Up.

Now infamous for his saying, “no one cares about what you just did not even your Mum” Beanie likes to tell it straight about how Social Media actually works.

“There’s far too much hype, jargon and B.S spouted by so called experts that have no real idea of how to turn a liker into an actual buyer” Beanie the Social Tradie

Beanie is on a one man mission to demystify how Digital and Social Media marketing works, so that business owners, charities, musicians, etc can take full advantage of it to reach their relevant markets.

You can catch Beanie online on any of his Social Media profiles…

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