Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference

The Sunshine Coast region is home to a diverse range of musicians and music industry workers. Due to the region’s proximity to Brisbane, it is often overlooked as a need area for professional development opportunities for musicians and those who work in the music industry, in part due to the closure of the music associations CARMA and MASC.

The music industry on the Sunshine Coast has grown and diversified. We have seen a proliferation of music festivals, and more recently, new boutique venues popping up across the Coast. The region is home to a huge number of professional musicians, songwriters, and music industry workers, many of whom work interstate and overseas. Currently there are only very limited, structured music industry focused events happening on the Coast and these are often targeted at youth and emerging musicians, making it less likely that music industry professionals will turn up. Whilst the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance does what it can for the sector, the organisation spans a broader list of artforms and most of the SCAA’s music development workshops are pitched at emerging artists.

Turn Up 2014 Turning Up The Volume
2014 Turn Up! Conference Turning Up The Volume on Playing Live