Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference

David Dean - Executive Director

David Dean has owned and run music entertainment business Hostile Entertainment since 2002. David is the Sunshine Coast’s leading booking agent, publicist and promoter and works with local, national, and international original artists and bands. David also works with covers acts and bands as well as DJs and is involved in the organisation, running and promotion of all different styles of music festivals around South East Queensland.

An enthusiastic promoter of all things music, David has organised many Queensland tours for interstate acts, successfully promoted and/or booked large international and national acts on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. David also provides business consulting publicity for bands and releases as well as venues, gigs and events around South East Queensland.

Winner of the “Best Manager and Booking Agent Award” at The Sunshine Coast Music Industry Awards 2006,David works with almost all genres of music but is most passionate about representing new and exciting talent and finding opportunities for established keen and dedicated groups and individuals.   He enjoys the challenge of organising and promoting gigs best suited to the talents of the various artists through his established local and national network of like-minded people.

Eloise Gallagher - Program Director

Eloise composes, records and performs music professionally for synchronisation with documentary film, television and theatre. In family folk outfit ‘Barbwire Canoe’, Eloise interchanges between vocals, guitar, keyboard and percussion as the Canoe captivates audiences, taking them on a humorous journey through Australian song. Eloise’s passion for creating music also extends to contemporary songwriting in the folk-rock genre. Eloise writes simply and thoughtfully about life and ways of living. She writes from a perspective of optimism, telling stories about love, family, home, distance, choices and other complex things.

When she isn’t making music Eloise Gallagher can usually be found where there are young people she can help to ‘make it’ in music. Eloise is a leading vocational music teacher at TAFE Queensland East Coast’s Centre for Creative and Digital. For the past ten or so years, she has taught/lectured and co-ordinated a range of programs including the Diploma of Music, Diploma of Music Business, Diploma of Sound Production, and the Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) in partnership with Central Queensland University. A creative and entrepreneurial networker and project co-ordinator, Eloise has successfully managed several projects for TAFE Queensland and has contributed to the work of various arts organisations in Queensland through advocacy, event and project management.

She is deeply committed to her own lifelong learning journey and to assisting others in theirs. Her interests in music have broadened through the pursuit of tertiary studies in both music and education. Research interests include: the life-changing nature of learning, vocational education and training, pathways through higher education, communities of practice, learning innovation, education futures, music industry, music in communities, Australian music history.

Andrea Smith - Creative Director

I help musicians, creatives, and those aspiring to work in the arts gain the understanding and tools they need to work effectively in the creative industries.

I grew up in a very musical and artistic household, surrounded by my parents’ love of music and art and diverse tastes. My mum was a potter, my dad a lead lighter, my sister a photographer, visual artist and drummer. One of my mum’s favourite artists is David Bowie and we went together to a Bowie concert once — to the surprise of all my friends.

Later, I studied at art college and had a teacher who ran her own small businesses. She showed us that business and art could happily coexist.

I started working in the music industry quite by chance, running an original music venue. I made lots of mistakes that taught me heaps about ‘what not to do in the music industry.’ (And will make a very funny memoir someday…)

When my flatmate pointed out that I was very adept at guiding creative people with their business issues and giving advice on how to do certain things — like manage and market an event — she suggested I start a side gig, teaching people about the business side of the arts. So I put a course offering together and very quickly had it taken up by the local Adult & Community Courses department.

Now I have a heap of graduates all over the world doing art as business either in their own creative business or working in a creative field.

I do this work because I derive great passion from seeing creative people achieve. It makes me so proud when someone I have helped is able to make their way and sustain themselves as a creative and feel good about what they do.

Katey O'Malley-Jones - Production Director

Katey has always had a passion and talent for performing. From a young age she wore a cape and was the best in her class at air guitar.

Katey’s desire to do something different everyday has given her opportunities to work in a variety of performance and creative mediums including Scriptwriting, Stage Performance, Tropfest Actor, Professional Dance, Concept Designer, Songwriter, Musician, Puppeteer and Puppet Maker.

In 2006, Katey began studying Sound Engineering completely by accident. She signed up for music but was told if she joined the sound course they would have enough students to run a class that year.

Since then Katey has worked behind the scenes doing something different everyday.

Katey has played the role of Stage Manager, Production Assistant and Backline Bitch for Australia’s leading concerts and festivals. She even makes a mad cup of tea, which has scored her positions on international television productions.

Katey loves working in all aspects of the Arts and Creative industry, with local peers on small projects or on larger budget events.

Katey has an eye for design and concept and loves to bring multiple mediums into a creative venture.

Adam "Beanie" Bean - Marketing Director

Adam “Beanie” Bean is a Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant and Construction Superintendent. He’s also the author of the Isometric, the no B.S. YouTube Marketing Guide.

Beanie’s also the Chief Trouble Maker in charge of creating awesome content on the Potent Marketing Podcast. When he’s not out surfing on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, you can catch him on his Blog, Facebook Page ,YouTube Channel or on Instagram account. Just Google “Beanie the Social Tradie”