Sunshine Coast Music Industry Conference

In September 2014, a group of local music industry representatives came together to bring a free mini music industry conference to the Sunshine Coast. Held on 23/10/14, 115 people attended the 2014 Turn Up! Music Conference.

The purpose of the Turn Up! conference is to provide opportunities for Sunshine Coast musicians and music industry workers to:

Come together face-to-face, network, and share practice within the local community
Participate in professional development run by music people for music people, including panels on relevant industry topics, breakout workshops, networking sessions and keynote speeches.
Showcase performance and songwriting skills to music industry representatives.

The Turn Up Team

The Turn Up team are passionate about bringing people from the music industry together to bond, connect and share old school style, face to face. Through these Turn Up events we are trying to encourage a sense of community within the Sunshine Coast Music Industry.

Find out more about the Turn Up team.

David Dean

Executive Producer

Katey O’Malley Jones

Production Director

Eloise Gallagher

Program Director

Adam Bean

Marketing Director

Andrea Smith

Creative Director